Your kidneys are your life force energy, take care of them: Day 13 of the 30 day Qigong challenge

Water life forceWelcome to day 13.  I hope you are seeing some benefits to this exercise. And yes, this is exercise.  When you go to the gym and exercise, you are exerting energy and your energy is going out of you.  When you do qigong, you are strengthening yourself from the inside and building up your energy and life force.  Pretty cool huh?

So today we will learn the water element associated with the kidneys.  This is the second element of the Wudang Set.

Click here for the next video: Wudang set: water element/kidneys


Day 12 of the 30 Day Qigong Challenge: Immune system (metal element/lungs)

Metal elementHi ya’ll today we’ll be strengthening our immune systems through the next movement of the Wudang set.  This movement involves the lungs and the metal element.  Check out the video to see how it all works.

Video: Wudang Set (metal element/lungs)

Qigong Challenge: Day 11–The Wudang set (combining the five elements)

Welcome to day 11 of the qigong challenge.  Don’t worry if you are starting this late (i.e. I’m on day 30 and you are on day 11), you will still get the benefits and I will give you a virtual high five for giving this a shot.

Today we will begin the wudang (pronounced wu-dong–at least that’s how my teacher pronounces it).  This video is the opening movement for the set that you will be learning over the next few days.  The wudang set helps you to be able to target specific organs and strengthen them.  Each organ corresponds with an element.  During this series, we will be focused both on the elements and the organs.

The wudang set goes as follows:

Each element corresponds with an organ

Each element corresponds with an organ

1. Clearing (as we open for every movement with connecting to the light and letting it wash through the body)

2. Opening (we will do today)

3. Metal/Lungs

4. Water/Kidneys

5. Wood/Liver

6. Fire/Heart

7. Earth/Spleen

8. Closing

9. Storing (as we do with every set and movement)

Alright, so are you ready for the opening?  If so, click here: Wudang Set: Opening

Day 10 of the Qigong Challenge: Happy Valentine’s Day–Did you know Qigong can help you find your perfect mate?

Did you know qigong could help you attract your perfect love?

Did you know qigong could help you attract your perfect love?

Something my qigong teacher shared the other day really resonated with me (I don’t think I shared this yet).  He said that often those unhealthy relationship choices we make and keep making (I know I’ve been there in the past, though I have no complaints now, in fact, I’ve got the bombest husband on the planet) can be fundamentally changed if we simply work on ourselves (believe me this is much easier than trying to change the person you’re with).  If we work on ourselves, get out of our physical dan tiens (we have 3 dan tiens and the physical is the most primitive–that’s like the thinking with your hoo-ha mentality), learn to connect our physical, mental (or heart center) and spiritual dan tien, then we will not only feel better but will attract other like beings who function at a higher maturity or dan tien level.  So, under that rational, if you are frustrated with continually meeting the “same kind of guy/gal” even though you “don’t mean to” or “don’t want to”, you simply need to do a bunch of qigong, get yourself centered and Wha-la! you will magnetically pull the man/woman of your dreams your way.  Don’t know about you but I dig it:)

Here we are at Day 10.  Keep it up with the qigong combo.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get even more out of this than you expected…

Shortened version: 15 minutes Qigong combo

Full length version: Full length Qigong Combo

Day 9 of the 30 Day Qigong Challenge

tree of lifeHey, just because I’m not posting new videos, doesn’t mean you should stop doing qigong.  I learned a really cool move last night in my class that involved connecting and receiving energy from the moon, sun and from trees.  My teacher explained that you can obtain the same benefits from the roots, bark, leaves, fruit of a tree from this exercise as you can from boiling up an herbal medicine concoction of the same plant!  Different trees have different properties for different organs as well.  Pretty awesome!

So, keep up the good work (I really don’t know if anyone is still doing this, but I know I am).

Here’s the shorter video for those of you on a tight schedule: 15 Minute Qigong Combination

And the full length video: Full Length Qigong Combo (25 minutes)

Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Lactose-free Almond Butter Cookies (In Japanese)

Today I will be showing you how to make super delicious, healthy Almond Butter Cookies in Japanese!

Today I will be showing you how to make super delicious, healthy Almond Butter Cookies in Japanese!

Welcome to Kurisu no Kitchen: (Kris’ Kitchen).

I have always wanted to do a cooking show in Japanese ever since I lived in Japan (they have all sorts of fun TV shows mostly about traveling to different places and eating food).  When I moved to Japan back in 2002, I didn’t speak the language or know hardly anyone there.  I also had not yet figured out how to take public transportation so I spent much of my first week there watching Japanese television, which is fascinating by the way.  It mostly consists of food.  Shows about food.  Show about cooking food.  Shows about eating traveling to different areas of Japan eating the same food (i.e. a ramen tour of Japan).  Shows about eating different foods in different regions of Japan.  Really just any way to highlight the wonders of food.

In the beginning of attempting this gluten-free, processed foods-free, dairy-free and boring diet, the wonder of food seemed to be stripped away.  Lately, I have been rediscovering the wonder and magnificence of food through a more strict and health conscious eye.

So, in my first ever attempt to make a cooking show in Japanese, I will show you how to make gluten, sugar, lactose, processed goods-free delicious Almond Butter Cookies.  These are super delicious cookies. I appropriated them from Detoxonista’s “Raw Cookie Dough Cookies Bites”. You can find her recipe at:
I added some ingredients to make a tasty and even more health packed cookies that can double as protein bars (more so than a dessert but are tasty enough to act as dessert as well).

You can check out my instructional video here:

Ingredients for the cookies (+the nut flour)

Ingredients for the cookies (+the nut flour)

Recipe: (Should make around 21-24 cookies)
-Preheat oven to 375 F

-1 cup of nut flour (I use the dehydrated pulp from my nut milk I make each week–almonds, cashews, shelled hemp seeds) If you use nut flour from the store, you may not need as much oil as they will have more oil in them naturally.
-1/4 cup of coconut oil (softened)
-1/4 cup of maple syrup (definitely not the high fructose corn syrup stuff)
-6 tablespoons of almond butter
-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
-1 egg
-3/4 teaspoon of baking soda
-2 teaspoons of maca powder (optional)
-2 heaping tablespoons of hemp protein (optional)

Mix all together, blop onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 F for about 10 minutes or until slightly brown around the edges. Place on a cooling rack and eat.

And EAT!!!  Oishiiiii:)


Day 7 of the 30 Day Qigong Challenge: Qigong Combination (Extended Version)

You should check out the new and improved video if anything just to see me show off my bellybutton again.

You should check out the new and improved video if anything just to see me show off my bellybutton again.

Hi ya’ll.  As I was washing my dishes (yep, I do that every now and then even though I hate it) and listening to/half watching my video from yesterday, I realized it was a bit more rushed than I’d like it to be.   You can still do the 15 minute video but if you have the time, I highly recommend doing the new one that’s a bit longer but more thorough.  Enjoy and remember to click “like” on the video if you enjoyed it and comment on any sensations you feel.  Thanks!

Here it is: Qigong Combination Video (extended version)