Qigong to Help You Sleep…

I know I've been in this boat before.

I know I’ve been in this boat before.

I hear too often about issues with sleep.  Mine began probably around high school or middle school when I discovered how cool it was to stay up late talking on the phone with my friends or just dilly dallying around doing who-knows-what until all hours of the night.  Although, I mostly blame it on the ungodly hour that school starts (mine might have even been around 7:30!).  I most likely spent about every day of my high school career half asleep.  I remember taking extra art classes just so I could sleep on the floor  (and then I went on to become a painting major, go figure).  I had really long bangs which worked to my advantage because I could cover my eyes (an emo-esque look in a pre-emo era) and “rest my eyes”.  It was definitely helpful that I was an A/A- student in mostly advanced placement classes (except mathematics), not much for a teacher to complain about.  I only furthered this habit of sleep deprivation in college where I would often boast of a week of finals in which I slept a total of about 4 hours in one week.  Not something to be proud of my friends (though I did see some pretty trippy stuff in my sleep deprived state).  I have actually functioned on sleep deprivation most of my life.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I really started prioritizing sleep.  That’s the funny thing; we say “function on” yadda yadda amount of sleep.  We should be more than just “functioning”.  I feel like we aren’t fully living if we are just only “functioning”.

That being said, I created a qigong video targeted to those of you who yearn for more REM sleep and quality of life.  So, if you are interested in more than just “functioning” I’d recommend you check out this video and give it a shot.  I show some movements that help with sucking all that buzzing that goes on in your busy heads  out of your heads, grounding you and calming you so that you can have more peaceful/restful/quality sleep.

Click the link and check it out: Qigong for Sleeping Better


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