Your kidneys are your life force energy, take care of them: Day 13 of the 30 day Qigong challenge

Water life forceWelcome to day 13.  I hope you are seeing some benefits to this exercise. And yes, this is exercise.  When you go to the gym and exercise, you are exerting energy and your energy is going out of you.  When you do qigong, you are strengthening yourself from the inside and building up your energy and life force.  Pretty cool huh?

So today we will learn the water element associated with the kidneys.  This is the second element of the Wudang Set.

Click here for the next video: Wudang set: water element/kidneys


2 thoughts on “Your kidneys are your life force energy, take care of them: Day 13 of the 30 day Qigong challenge

  1. I wanted to let you know that I had a really great Monday, and I think it might be because of Qigong 🙂
    I worked a lot this weekend and spent most of Sunday answering a bunch of annoying emails and filling out performance reviews. I decided I should do some of your chi-gong so that I’d sleep better, and after the video I went to close my laptop, saw a message from my boss, and answered it. Afterwards, I was thinking, “Stupid! The whole reason I was doing that was to not think about work right before bed.” So I went back and did the exercises again, in a slightly abbreviated fashion.

    On Monday, I was in a really great mood, even though I hadn’t slept very much. I’m going to keep going with the challenge (although I’m not up to day 13 yet) and see if it keeps having good results!

    • So glad it was helpful for you Chelsey:) Thanks for sharing! That’s the reason I’m making these videos. I was really hoping friends and family and anyone else would pick up this awesome thing I’ve discovered. It’s been so helpful for me so far. So many people seem to have difficulty sleeping. I’ve been thinking of making a video for before sleep to help with clearing the mind. Ideally, a lot of the exercises are best done first thing in the morning (with the rising sun), but, as I don’t rise with the sun and seem to be busy in the mornings, I usually practice at night before bed. I’ve definitely noticed that it helps with my sleep as well. Keep it up and keep me posted on your progress and any effects you might feel or experience from your practice.

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