Qigong Challenge: Day 11–The Wudang set (combining the five elements)

Welcome to day 11 of the qigong challenge.  Don’t worry if you are starting this late (i.e. I’m on day 30 and you are on day 11), you will still get the benefits and I will give you a virtual high five for giving this a shot.

Today we will begin the wudang (pronounced wu-dong–at least that’s how my teacher pronounces it).  This video is the opening movement for the set that you will be learning over the next few days.  The wudang set helps you to be able to target specific organs and strengthen them.  Each organ corresponds with an element.  During this series, we will be focused both on the elements and the organs.

The wudang set goes as follows:

Each element corresponds with an organ

Each element corresponds with an organ

1. Clearing (as we open for every movement with connecting to the light and letting it wash through the body)

2. Opening (we will do today)

3. Metal/Lungs

4. Water/Kidneys

5. Wood/Liver

6. Fire/Heart

7. Earth/Spleen

8. Closing

9. Storing (as we do with every set and movement)

Alright, so are you ready for the opening?  If so, click here: Wudang Set: Opening


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