Day 9 of the 30 Day Qigong Challenge

tree of lifeHey, just because I’m not posting new videos, doesn’t mean you should stop doing qigong.  I learned a really cool move last night in my class that involved connecting and receiving energy from the moon, sun and from trees.  My teacher explained that you can obtain the same benefits from the roots, bark, leaves, fruit of a tree from this exercise as you can from boiling up an herbal medicine concoction of the same plant!  Different trees have different properties for different organs as well.  Pretty awesome!

So, keep up the good work (I really don’t know if anyone is still doing this, but I know I am).

Here’s the shorter video for those of you on a tight schedule: 15 Minute Qigong Combination

And the full length video: Full Length Qigong Combo (25 minutes)


5 thoughts on “Day 9 of the 30 Day Qigong Challenge

  1. This is really cool! I definitely want to try it. You might like my blog. It is new but I am starting to post natural foods that help with Crohn’s and other immune diseases.

    • Thanks! I will definitely check it out! I have found qigong incredibly helpful in managing my health. I feel like it’s this secret/not-so-secret, free energy boosting, relationship improving, weight-loss (if that’s what you want, though colitis pretty much ensures I don’t gain weight, I’m sure you are familiar with that) wonder. I’m still learning more about it but I’m trying to get my friends and family to do it (mostly for selfish reasons: because I love them and want them to live long, healthy lives along side me). I look forward to learning from you as well:)

    • hi intestinaltestimonial,
      I tried to check out your site a few times (I’ll hash this up to my incompatibility with technology, it’s truly a miracle that I even managed to set up this blog) and was only able to get to your gravatar. Could you post a link to your blog here? Thanks! I’m def interested in other ways health conscious individuals are managing their illness:)

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