Day 10 of the Qigong Challenge: Happy Valentine’s Day–Did you know Qigong can help you find your perfect mate?

Did you know qigong could help you attract your perfect love?

Did you know qigong could help you attract your perfect love?

Something my qigong teacher shared the other day really resonated with me (I don’t think I shared this yet).  He said that often those unhealthy relationship choices we make and keep making (I know I’ve been there in the past, though I have no complaints now, in fact, I’ve got the bombest husband on the planet) can be fundamentally changed if we simply work on ourselves (believe me this is much easier than trying to change the person you’re with).  If we work on ourselves, get out of our physical dan tiens (we have 3 dan tiens and the physical is the most primitive–that’s like the thinking with your hoo-ha mentality), learn to connect our physical, mental (or heart center) and spiritual dan tien, then we will not only feel better but will attract other like beings who function at a higher maturity or dan tien level.  So, under that rational, if you are frustrated with continually meeting the “same kind of guy/gal” even though you “don’t mean to” or “don’t want to”, you simply need to do a bunch of qigong, get yourself centered and Wha-la! you will magnetically pull the man/woman of your dreams your way.  Don’t know about you but I dig it:)

Here we are at Day 10.  Keep it up with the qigong combo.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get even more out of this than you expected…

Shortened version: 15 minutes Qigong combo

Full length version: Full length Qigong Combo


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