Relaxation and Protection against colds: 30 Day Qigong Challenge: Day 2

So cute.  We could all use a little more sleep and pictures of babies sleeping with baby animals.

So cute. We could all use a little more sleep and pictures of babies sleeping with baby animals.

Hey ya’ll, how’s the qigonging going?  In addition to my 30 day challenge, I am also challenging myself (you can choose to follow along if you so desire) to go to bed by 11pm every night for the next 30 nights.  We shall see.  This is probably the most difficult thing for me to do.  I can give up my beloved candy, even chewy candy and chocolate.  I can eat only organic.  I can give up eating out and cook my every meal (because restaurants rarely serve all organic/grass fed/non processed foods).  I can give up gluten.  All these things and more are things I have done in the last 6-8  months.  I, however, have not been able to successfully go to bed before 11pm on a consistent basis.  Even on those nights when I start talking about getting ready for bed around 10pm, before I know it, it’s midnight.  I have no idea what happens between the intention and the action, but it has been my biggest struggle.

Ok, I swear, last cute picture of babies sleeping.

Ok, I swear, last cute picture of babies sleeping.

Going to bed before 11pm is one thing that the majority of herbalists, acupuncturists, healers across the planet will say is the most important thing to do to take care of your health.  Just as eating and breathing is essential to our lives, so is sleep and adequate sleep.  Most people spend their days tired without even realizing it because it has become such a state of their being.  I completely understand; modern living and working does not leave time for an 8-9 hour night of sleep and often makes going to bed before 11pm impossible if you want to have any sort of social life or life outside of work and eating food.  However, that doesn’t take the importance away from it.  Our organs each need a certain amount of sleep.  Think of it like this: if your lungs and kidneys need two hours of sleep to regenerate the energy and effectiveness to properly function the following day, and then your liver and spleen need another two hours, then your large and small intestines need a couple hours, your gallbladder and liver need a couple hours; that’s 8 hours right there.  So if you get 6 then your poor liver and gallbladder.  Hopefully you don’t drink alcohol because then you’re screwed.  I didn’t pair up the organs quite right but that’s the general idea.

Ok, enough of that shpeel.  Today’s qigong movement focuses on relaxation and protections.  We will essentially be building a protective bubble around us made up of the heavens and the earth (quite a bubble if you ask me).  This is a great movement to do especially if you are feeling under the weather or around cold season (or just in general).

Here it is:


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