The Human Experiment: Oil Pulling and Raw Milk

This may seem like it has nothing to do with colitis but I really think it does.  Colitis is not just an illness of the colon but is an autoimmune illness that can affect and be affected by many things (i.e. diet, way of life, hygiene, etc.).

Gross I know.  Here's my before picture.  See the dark part at the base of my tooth near the gum line?  That's the cavities I plan to cure.

Gross I know. Here’s my before picture. See the dark part at the base of my tooth near the gum line? That’s the cavities I plan to cure.

Ok, let me start at the beginning.  I went to the dentist (which I have been avoiding due to a change in dental insurance and not wanting to bother with figuring out if my dentist is covered or not, reasons of pure laziness) for my biyearly cleaning with the knowledge that I would need (as I’d be warned 6 months prior) fillings on cavities at the gum line of two bottom front teeth.  I’ve had a few fillings in my molars but never on the surface of my teeth (where people might be able to see if I smiled).  I imagined a grill-like situation and joked that I would have them install a little rhinestone on my tooth while they were at it.  To be honest, I was nervous.  What would that be like and how the heck are they going to drill and fill a cavity at my gum line?!  As I had predicted the dentist recommended I get the cavities filled and also said one of my pre-exsisting cavities was “leaking” (Gross!) and I would have to have that re-filled.  I guess this is common.  My dentist friend recently explained to me that dentists that accept insurance are often forced to buy the cheapest materials for the white fillings because insurance would not pay for the stuff that is durable and the best for you (very unfair and unjust in my opinion, but that’s insurance for you).  I scheduled my fillings for a couple days later and met with my herbalist in the meanwhile.  He introduced me to “oil pulling”, look it up, it’s freakin awesome.  Basically, you swish with an organic, cold-pressed plant oil (I’m using coconut oil) for 20 minutes every morning before eating.  The oil adheres to the bacteria and bad stuff in your teeth and extracts it (so don’t swallow the oil or you will be swallowing the bad crap in your teeth).  Then you spit it out (in the garbage unless you plan to clog up your drain) and rinse your mouth out with salt water to rid it of as much of the oil as possible.  I’ve been doing it all week and I swear my teeth are whiter!  (I know this sounds like an infomercial but hardly anyone reads this and I have nothing to benefit from telling you about this, I just think it’s really cool.)  So this oil pulling can build up gum line (supposedly–my herbalist said his dentist measured his and was surprised to see he had successfully improved his gum line) and help out your teeth.

Here's the raw goat's milk I got.  It's supposed to be really good for lactose intolerant people as well as good for your immune system and teeth.

Here’s the raw goat’s milk I got. It’s supposed to be really good for lactose intolerant people as well as good for your immune system and teeth.

That’s all well and good but I also wanted to cure my cavities (I really didn’t want them to drill on the outside of my teeth, still freaks me out) so I read more and everyone seems to quote this book, Cure Tooth Decay.  I haven’t bought it yet but I keep hearing so much good stuff about it that I think I’ll download it to my my kindle (much cheaper that way).  One thing I did get out of the many testimonials and youtube videos about curing cavities was the use of raw milk, ghee (aka clarified butter or butter oil) and fermented cod liver oil.  So me, being the colitis, lactose intolerant individual that I am immediately said, “Oh well, too bad, guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”  I brought this up to my herbalist and he said that he too was lactose intolerant but he tolerates ghee and recently tried raw milk without consequence.

My homemade raw goat's milk yogurt!!!

My homemade raw goat’s milk yogurt!!!

Sometimes I feel like it’s all a game or a big experiment–all this herbal stuff, acupuncture, diet, supplements, muscle testing, oil pulling.  I don’t know that it’s going to work but I’m trying it anyhow.  I have no proof and there is basically no scientific studies that say a person with my constitution can be cured of anything by any sort of means because what makes me up is so personal to me, how could it be replicated.  This is how science works though, I presume, we do an experiment and hope it can be replicated through various organisms hoping we are all similar enough for success to be predictable.  So, based on this logic (well actually more based on the fact that my herbalist said it was okay), I bought some raw goat’s milk and made me some yogurt with a yogurt maker my mom gifted me years ago (unfortunately, I received it a week before my doctor recommended I avoid any and all dairy products to help save my colon).  The yogurt worked and it’s super tasty.  I just had about 4 tablespoons of it with maple syrup, maca powder and fruit in it for breakfast (I didn’t want to push it too much the first time) and I’m still here and have not been reduced to a painful ball of gas (which is the effect milk usually has on me).  It was also super delicious!  Oh, and I notified my dentist that I plan to heal my cavities on my own.  He, and everyone in his office was super intrigued by the oil pulling and they all say I’m going to put him out of a job if it works.  We’ll see.  I took a “before” photo of my teeth (as did my dentist).  I’ll let you know what happens in 6 months.  Also, the raw milk can be really good for your immune system (for you colitis and autoimmune sufferers or just about anyone I suppose).  I will be your human experiment for now.  Hopefully I’ll cure my cavities and my colitis and then, if you think your constitution is similar enough to mind, maybe you can try it too…  That’s kinda my goal at least (well my first goal is to cure myself).


2 thoughts on “The Human Experiment: Oil Pulling and Raw Milk

  1. Ok, I am trying the oil pulling. I do think my teeth look whiter. And in the process of looking that up, I found oil cleansing for the face. So now I cleanse my face with a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. It does not feel as dry as normal which is very good.

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