Takin’ the “Divergent” Road, Connecting to Past Lives

We have many points and meridians throughout our body.

We have many points and meridians throughout our body.

Hi.  I’ve been posting a lot of excerpts from my lengthy story about my life with colitis lately.  In the meanwhile, quite a lot has been happening.  I’m not really sure where to start.  Hmmm, well I’m probably most excited about this thing my herbalist calls “divergent treatment”.  You see, he’s trained in “Classical Chinese Medicine”.  Back in the day (not sure how far back), “classical” was the way to go but then some emperor (I may be making the part about the emperor up but this is the version I remember) decided to make Chinese medicine more accessible and consolidated it into what is today known as “Traditional Chinese Medicine” (TCM).  As my herbalist says, there is certainly plenty of benefits of TCM but it leaves out some essential really important stuff like this “divergent” treatment that I’m getting.  The reason I’m so excited about it is that my pulses (we have several in each wrist that measure things like blood and liver energy, I’ve tried to figure out how to feel them and have no idea but any acupuncturist knows how to feel for them and measure them) are finally strong enough to handle the “divergent” treatment.  As of about a month ago, we began the treatment and for an entire week (starting the day after my treatment) I had my first normal looking formed stool in at least a year.  It was photo worthy but don’t worry, I didn’t take a photo and if I did I wouldn’t post it (well, maybe).  I did however tell my husband, call my mom and my best friend to tell them about my poo.

Yep, exactly what my poo looks like:)

Yep, exactly what my poo looks like:)

They all know me well enough to not only not be grossed out but were genuinely happy for me.  You have to understand log shaped “normal” poo is not normal for someone with colitis or irritable bowel issues.  Anyhow, the following week was the week of my first exam for my Marital and Family Therapy License so I was super nervous and my system was all out of whack.  I had diarrhea, my liver was pulsing (you ever had that sensation where your eyelid feels like it has a tiny heartbeat in?  Well it was like that but in my liver and lasted for a few days and nights making it difficult to sleep) and I near fainted at the gym about five times in the span of about 20 minutes (I was not working out that hard).  My herbalist put the treatment on hold for a bit and did some herbs and points to strengthen my liver.  I passed my test!!! Whoot Whoot!!! and am back on the “divergent” road.

A little about the “divergent” treatment.  My herbalist says this treatment gets to the “root” of the problem.  Of course my reaction was “Wait, why are we just doing this now?” and of course he explained about my weak pulses and how I wasn’t strong enough before.  This made sense to me.

It's common knowledge that girls only fart glitter and rainbows.

It’s common knowledge that when girls “release wind” it’s nothing but glitter and rainbows.

For the treatment, he places the needles in a few spots around my abdomen, a couple on the inside of my clavicle, a couple in my jaw or cheeks (depending on my needs I guess), a couple in the inner corner of my eyebrows (The other day, when he placed the needle in my eyebrow point, a sensation shot across my eyebrow to the outside tip of my eyebrow.  He said the Chinese called this feeling “releasing wind”.  I smiled and tried not to laugh because I already had needles in my face and didn’t want to mess them up) and one kinda painful one in my second toe, just below my toenail on my left foot.  He’s also changed my herbs to help combat my latent heat and help rid me of toxins.  Funny thing is, I actually look forward to drinking and preparing my herbs (you would know why this is so odd if you tasted my herbs, not tasty and very bitter) and drinking them because my mind is now trained to associate the concoction with hopefulness and wellness (funny and great how the mind works).  Oh and another thing about the divergent treatment:  I asked the herbalist why he was placing needles in my clavicle and he said that it was some point that’s supposed to open you up to the heavens (or something of that sort).  He then told me a story about a woman who had trained to be a shaman and had become able to see people’s auras.  He said she wrote a book about her experiences and she explained that when she did those particular clavicle points on her patients, she realized that it connected them to their past lives (because she could see the lives) and they would relive them.  So, of course after he left the room and I was supposed to be relaxing, I imagined all my past lives coming out of my clavicles.  I didn’t actually see or experience anything but my imagination led me to think I could have been a bird, a horse, an old man (of course the old man was once young but I guess I wanted to imagine an old man) and a Victorian woman (probably because I had recently watched that Mozart movie where he has that horrible high pitched cackle/giggle).  Not sure what I think about the past lives thing, but it is interesting none-the-less.


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